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BehavioSec in Forbes

Forget Passwords. Now Banks Can Track Your Typing Behavior On Phones. Read the whole article in Forbes The article sent riples into the media landscape with features in The Times (requires subscription), IT World Canada, Gizmodo, Techmeme, Süddeutsche Zeitung (article in German). Some quotes from our CEO, Neil Costigan: “every Internet bank user in Sweden, Norway […]

Hottest startups 2014

Wired UK has listed Europe’s hottest startups with BehavioSec on the top It’s time for the password to die. BehavioSec hopes to land the killer blow. “The traditional model for authentication made the legitimate user the one who was being inconvenienced,” explains Olov Renberg, COO.  “Convenience might play well to consumers, but what about security freaks? […]

BehavioSec in Computer World

Mobile security: A mother lode of new tools According to Goode, Stockholm based BehavioSec offers the most mature ID system that uses behavior analytics. Read the full article at Computer World requires subscription

Wall Street Journal on BehavioSec

BehavioSec has been featured in a Wall Street Journal article as leaders in frictionless behavioural user verification & authentication. “What we can do is determine just how likely it is that a given user is the same as the one the system already learned to recognize,” says Neil Costigan, Chief Executive of BehavioSec. Unlike eye […]

BehavioSec CEO Neil Costigan 40 most influential in Fintech

Neil Costigan @behaviosec Chief Executive, BehavioSec, Luleå, Sweden A 17-year financial technology veteran, Costigan, 46, first advised the co-founders of the Swedish biometric technology platform BehavioSec before joining the firm as chief executive three years later in 2011. Launched by Olov Renberg, Kristofer Nygren and Peder Nordström in 2007 as a spin-off from their research […]

BehavioSec in Financial News

FN Fintech 40: Innovators shaping the future of finance Anna Irrera of Financial News article on Fintech 40. There’s a new dawn breaking in finance. That’s the hope that’s fuelling the groundswell of interest in financial technology, with companies being founded almost daily that aim to overhaul the way financial institutions and their clients operate. Read full […]

DARPA research goes mobile

BehavioSec is working on  phase 2 of the Active Authentication program. Phase 2 continues the success of BehavioSec participation in phase 1 2012/2013. Phase 1 included the researching of modalities for Active Authentication based on behavioral biometrics on a workstation. This process finds patterns on how users interact through typing and mouse movements and applies that information to a continuous feed. Think […]

Best of Show @ Finovate Europe 2014

BehavioSec is proud to announce that it has been voted Best of Show yet again; this time at Finovate Europe 2014.   The video cannot be loaded as your browser does not support JavaScript. Please use the download links below.   More info on the winners here.

Behaviosec one of the hottest FinTech firms in Europe

BehavioSec listed on the FinTech 50 2014 – a guide to game-changing technologies across Europe which are redefining financial services. The FinTech 50 2014 is selected by a panel of industry experts from across the financial services and technology industry. The panel convened at the end of 2013 to debate and select 50 companies in […]

BehavioSec Joins the FIDO Alliance

BehavioSec Joins the FIDO Alliance to Contribute to Universal Strong Authentication for Mobile, Enterprise and Web December 17, 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden BehavioSec, the leader in continuous authentication and behavioral biometrics to address enterprise, mobile, and web fraud, has announced it has joined the FIDO Alliance. BehavioSec’s award-winning algorithmic approach to patterns of behavior applied to […]

BehavioSec in Computer Sweden

An article with our CEO Neil Costigan about BehavioSec from its founding until today. Read the full article here (in Swedish).

BehavioSec best of show

At Finovate Asia Neil Costigan, BehavioSec CEO, received the award for demonstrating our Behavioral analytics for online transactions. You can read more about the presentation here

Danske Bank deploys BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics Technology

Danske Bank is well known for providing their customers with great user experience. In their effort to further constantly challenge and increase user experience, they began moving into easy-to-handle strong security unified across platforms and devices. In doing so, previous effective methods for fraud detection had to be abandoned, and the wish to bind sessions to customers rather than devices became […]

Pressrelease: BehavioSec and xWare42 partners up for secure payments

xWare42 and BehavioSec announced today the successful integration of a behavioral authentication into xPay. xWare42 GmbH has taken on the task of using current technology to catapult the classic system of payment transactions into the 21st century. BehavioSec is the leading provider of behaviometric authentication solutions without requiring additional special hardware. BehavioSec was selected as “Cool […]

BehavioSec in CNBC

BehavioSec is featured in the article Want to buy that? Just scan your fingerprint an CNBC article. It covers the payment experiences that are seen over the Internet and especially on mobile phones.

BehavioSec awarded DARPA Phase 2 contract

BehavioSec has been successfully rewarded a renewed research grant for our pioneering work with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency). The contract is building on last year’s succesful participation in the first phase of the Active Authentication program. DARPA has been in the forefront of new technologies spanning from developing the early protocols of the Internet […]

IEEE IT Pro magazine

BehavioSec is featured about our work with DARPA in the IEEE paper IT Pro. The article is called Continuous Authentication Using Behavioral Biometrics It is only available @IT pro (subscription or paid download). An introductory article about DARPA’s Active Authentiaction program is available here. Check here for the Table of contents

American Banker article

Shifts in consumer behavior demand less intrusive authentication  says Bradley Leimer in American Banker. “A renewed focus on simplified authentication (using multiple forms of biometrics and contextual assessments, from proximity to login patterns, like from BehavioSec” Read the whole article:

BehavioSec in Smithsonian

BehavioSec featured in the article: How You Type Could Become Your New Password. It features the DARPA Active Authentication program and our work with financial services “You’re going to find yourself entering your password less and less often in the future,” says Neil Costigan, director of BehavioSec. “Most of the time, the system won’t need it […]

BehavioSec CEO on Slashdot

Slashdot’s Tim Lord talks to BehavioSec CEO Dr. Neil Costigan at RSA 2013.   Check out the full video + transcript here.

BBC News on biometrics

Tim Bowler of BBC News talks to PayPal and BehavioSec on biometric security and how these systems monitor our behaviour, voice or fingerprints. In Sweden, behavioural biometrics firm BehavioSec has developed a system, which is already in use in Swedish banks, that focuses on how we behave on our computer or mobile. “We can capture the […]

Forbes on BehavioSec in Fintech Innovations Lab

Understanding money center banks Olov Renberg is co-founder and COO of Stockholm’s BehavioSec which can verify a person’s identity by the way he types in a password, the way he moves a mouse movements or even by his swipe on a smartphone. DARPA calls it continuous authentication — the system can tell if an unauthorized […]

BehavioSec and HID Global partnership announced

BehavioSec is partnering up with HID Global to Add New Layer of Protection to Fraud Detection System. To read more about the joint offering please look at HID 4TRESS Authentication Server integration. HID Global and BehavioSec Join Forces to Add New Layer of Protection to Fraud Detection System News Highlights: • HID Global’s 4TRESS Authentication Server […]

BehavioSec in Samsung apps

BehavioSec and Samsung have collaborated on an App to help with the increasing security issues associated with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.  With BehavioAppGuard your phone can stay secure even in the hands of others. It provides an excellent opportunity to try out our behavioral biometric technology and still protect your most valuable device. […]

DARPA and BehavioSec go beyond passwords

BehavioSec has been selected by the leading US military research organization, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), to help them create the next generation of IT security which moves beyond todays password centric IT security. We here at BehavioSec  wanted to let you know about a recent project we started with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research […]

Best of Show @ Finovate

BehavioSec voted best in show at Finovate ASIA   After a demo of our behavioral biometric solution for online transaction to enhance e.g. e-commerce checkout, BehavioSec got voted best of show at Finovate Asia in Singapore. After seeing 35 demos over a packed day, the audience voted for their three favorites. The top three overall were named […]

Finovate Spring 2012 Winner ‘Best of Show’

BehavioSec is delighted to be named ‘best of show’ at Finovate 2012 in San Francisco  After a killer demo of BehavioMobile (see embedded video below), our behavioral biometric solution for financial applications to enhance e.g. PIN code entry, BehavioSec got voted best in show at Finovate Spring in San Francisco. After seeing 63 demos over two […]

Gartner Cool Vendor

BehavioSec today announced that it has been chosen as one of the “Cool Vendors” in Identity Access Management, 2012 report by Gartner, Inc. BehavioSec, the leading Behavioral biometrics company, today announced that it has been chosen as one of the “Cool Vendors in Security: Identity and Access Management, 2012 report by Gartner, Inc. The report details […]

DARPA’s Active Authentication initiative

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, famous for creating inter-networking that became the Internet, have generated a lot of buzz in the area of Behaviometrics and Continuous Authentication which BehavioSec have been advocating since we started. The story has been picked up by the New York times, Mashable, ars technica among others, and kick-started some interesting […]

BehavioSec in Huffpost

The Huffington Post has written an article on Biometrics and how it will replace passwords in the next five years. BehavioSec is included as a potential technology. “It’s not just fingerprints, DNA and retinas anymore; the way you walk is unique and so is the way you type, for example.” Read the full article here  

Spin-off company of the year

BehavioSec was rewarded as “this year´s spin-off” from Luleå University of Technology. The research idea was founded by students from various disciplines at Ltu. The Award “2011 spin-off” that was initiated by the DARE project, was given by Professor Håkan Ylinenpää at ETS ending a week to promote Entrepreneurship. Read the news at Luleå University […]

Behaviosec CTO speaking at RSA China

The agenda for the RSA Conference China 2011 Information Security Forum is confirmed. With 22 domestic and international security heavyweight guests that will then attend BehavioSec are honoured to have received a speaking slot. The RSA Security Conference 2011 International Forum will be held November 2 to 3 in Beijing.   Neil Costigan, BehavioSec CTO will speak […]

Mobile demonstration videos & demo apps

We at BehavioSec are showing the answer to the mobile security problem in these short videos. See the award winning pitch with Behavio Mobile at Finovate spring 2012.   The video cannot be loaded as your browser does not support JavaScript. It’s no longer sufficient to enter the correct PIN or pattern, it has […]

BehavioSec nominated for security awards

BehavioSec has been nominated in the IT security solution of the Year category in Security Awards, held by the Swedish industry periodical Skydd & Säkerhet. BehavioSec have been nominated in this category as the jury see the potential in its ability to identify users via how the keyboard and mouse are handled, thereby adding a new layer […]

BehavioSec in Security Vibes

During InfoSec did an article about our company. Read it here (External link is in French)

Behavio Web in 451 analysis

BehavioSec re-architects for the browser, makes antifraud play.  Is a Market Development report written by the 451 group analyst Steve Coplan. It gives the reader an understanding of the new web product line as well as insights to the impact it will have on the market place. Access the full report here (reading the report requires the […]

SWIFT/Innotribe start-up challenge at Sibos

BehavioSec has been selected to participate at Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam 28 October. Listen to our pitch at the Start-Up competition, between 12:30 – 14:00 in the interactive workspace. The best start-ups and ideas from various 2010 events are brought together in this “dragon’s den”. In front of the audience and a panel of judges the […]

Pitch Slam Stockholm

BehavioSec was runner up in the Pitch Slam event taking place at Microsoft Sweden. We like to thank Microsoft and Guidewire group for hosting the event and the judges for putting us top three out of 300 companies. We like to congratulate the winners and hopefully we will take first prize the next time.

Press: Behavio for managers that leave their computer unattended

BehavioSec was interviewed by Metro Teknik one of Sweden’s largest newspapers. BehavioSec is a technology that could protect in the instance of leaving a computer unattended. The article was included in a series about corporate data theft and how you can protect your data from leaking out. In the article they estimate that 79 percent […]